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    On average, we sleep 48 hours / week.
    Yet, the average Healthcare Pro wears Scrubs 55 hours / week.
    When your scrubs do more for you, you'll do more in them.

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  • Do More in Your Scrubs

    You'l find the most versatile collection of Scrubs, Shoes & Medical Accessories at Lowcountry Uniforms. Read More
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    Your feet can relax on the job. All-day comfort and support for Dental, Medical & Restaurant jobs. Read More
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    That's why you need scrubs that work. . . for you. Lowcountry Uniform's scrub collections include: Cherokee, Landau, Dickies & Peaches. Read More
  • Lowcountry Uniforms 31st Birthday!

    Since 1985, we've been helping you Do More in Your Scrubs. Learn More
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It's our 31st birthday. And, we're celebrating by heling you do more in your scrubs!

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With more than 25 brands in stock, you'll find the perfect scrubs at LowCountry Uniforms.

We can help you do more in your scrubs . . .

Our staff and management have more than 13 years of experience in outfitting offices with medical & culinary apparel. Let Lowcountry Uniforms guide you to the best solution for your Medical Group. See our Scrubs

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You'll forget you're in uniform. . .

Active. Stretch. Perfect fit. Scrubs have changed a lot since the classic baggies. High-tech fabrics. Cuts that simply fit. Styles you can do more in. Learn More

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You'll do more in your scrubs when you have the right design.

Need something that stretches? Or something you you can run a race in?
We can help . . .

More than Scrubs

We also have company apparel; such as polo’s, fleece jackets, hats, T – Shirts & more.

Uniform alternatives from brands like SanMar & Vantage gives you more choices.

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The Latest in Scrubs

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How Custom Scrubs Increase Profits

In an ever- increasing competitive marketplace, it has never been more important to create a brand identity and improve brand awareness.

Uniform programs are a more effective marketing tool compared to several popular forms of advertising Ashwini Poojary, author: Are Uniforms an Effective Marketing Tool?
Read More

Scrub Styles for Different Body Types

There are five basic body types that we professional stylists use as shorthand when picking clothes for our clients. Knowing your own type is imperative in creating the right look.

Not sure about your shape? Take a good look in the mirror without your clothes on.

  1. Do you have curves both in the bust and hips with a narrow waist (the hourglass)?
  2. Are you rounder in the middle (the apple)?
  3. Do you have narrow shoulders and carry more weight in your hips and thighs (the triangle)?
  4. Are you busty/large chest with broad shoulders (the inverted triangle)?
  5. Is your waist not sharply defined, with a shape more narrow through the torso (athletic)?

Of course, no one fits exactly into these categories, but you should see some kind of resemblance to one of these types.

No matter what “shape” you are, please see the beauty in your body. Many people have adopted a critical voice that often compares their bodies to those of celebrities on TV, in film and in magazines. And – having worked in TV for years and having seen hundreds of actors in their underwear – here’s the dirty little secret I can tell you: They dress to showcase their greatest assets. They have professional designers find the right clothes to make them look and feel fabulous. That’s what I’m here for…think of me as your personal designer, here to help YOU look and feel fabulous. So let’s connect your body type to the best scrubs to buy and wear!

Body Type 1 - Hourglass

If you’re #1 on the list (hourglass), try flared pants with scoop tees. V-neck wrap tops are good for you. Try a nipped-waist jacket with straight-leg pants. Small-print tops can be great for your body type.

Body Type 2 - Apple

If you’re #2 on the list (apple shaped), you can create a great silhouette with a wrap top that doesn’t fit tightly around your waist. You’re a great candidate for print scrubs (especially prints decorating the torso) because they’re not only flattering but can draw attention away from your belly. Make sure that your scrubs pants rise high enough on your belly (test bending over when you try them on).

Body Type 3 - Triangle

If you have narrow shoulders with more weight on your hips and thighs (the triangle), you can easily wear a printed top. Try layering a printed hip-length jacket with a solid boatneck or scoop-neck top. Pair this with a matching pant.

Body Type 4 - Inverted Triangle

If you are Body Type 4 (the inverted triangle), try to steer away from wearing tight tops. Not only will they be uncomfortable, but they won’t be flattering, either. And don’t go in the opposite direction and wear a baggy top to hide your bust. A V-neck, mock-wrap scrub top will be flattering for you. Stay away from prints on the top and lean toward darker colors. Keep your pants fitted, but not tight. Your goal is to enhance your look with the correct proportions.

Body Type 5 - Athletic

If you have an narrow build (athletic), prints can be flattering on you. Don’t hesitate to layer. You can wear a short-sleeve jacket with a long-sleeve tee to “hip” up some of your separates. Any kind of ruching or other details on your tops would be great for you. A pair of flared pants will complement your look.


And an Extra Style Tip for Men

For you guys, be sure you feel comfortable in your scrubs. Don’t wear anything, top or bottom, that’s too tight. If you’re not at your ideal weight, don’t let the size number influence you. Buy scrubs in a size that fits well. No one is looking at the tag.

Remember, first impressions do count and can project an assured, stylish nurse. Scrubs can affect your job, especially if you’re wearing the styles that flatter your body shape. Not only will you look better in scrubs that work for your body type, but you’ll also have the confidence to wear them well!


Steve & Angela Woolridge purchased Lowcountry Uniforms in 2013. Their 20+ years of Hospitality experience has made Lowcountry Uniforms #1 in outstanding customer service Learn More