Guide to Buying a Lab Coat

guide to buying a lab coat in 3 steps

For professionals in medicine and other sciences, a lab coat stands out as possibly the most essential piece of clothing for the workplace. A lab coat marks you as an accomplished professional, while also protecting you from the dangers and messes that come with the job. Because so many people need them, various types and styles of lab coat saturate the market. This can make it difficult to choose the one that is best for your day-to-day needs.

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6 Things Every Nurse Must Have

If you’re a seasoned nurse, you may be wondering: How can I be more efficient at my job? Have I really found the best pair of shoes?

And if you’re a nursing student, you may be thinking: Can I get away with a cheap stethoscope? How do I shop for my first real set of scrubs?

Get the tips, tricks and secrets from fellow nurses about tried-and-true gear picks and how to keep everything organized (and not just in your pockets!).

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5 Scrub Makeovers that Hide & Flatter

Do you wish you had less bust or more curves?

Are you bothered by your muffin top or thunder thighs?

These five nurses all have something they want to hide, so Scrubs’ stylists outfitted them with workwear that not only conceals their flaws but reveals their assets. Now they’ll look their best doing what they do best.

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6 Favorite Scrub Styles by Specialty

Each nursing specialty comes with its own set of demands. Some specialties are very active, many expose you to a lot of gross stuff and still others make you carry a lot of gear. No matter what the job requires, nurses agree on one thing about scrubs fashion: It’s all about making the job easier and more enjoyable. Here are some scrubs selection tips for six nursing specialties.

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How Customizing Scrubs Increases Profits

Why is it so important to have a standard uniform policy with embroidery?

In an ever- increasing competitive marketplace, it has never been more important to create a brand identity and improve brand awareness. Uniforms are one great example of how to do this and surveys show it directly affects consumer experience, thus further maximizing the effects of branding and marketing.

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How to Turn Scrubs Into Everyday Wear

Do more in your Scrubs!

I’m sometimes asked whether nursing scrubs can be used as everyday wear, and the answer is ‘absolutely!’ Before I talk about how you can transition nursing scrubs into everyday wear, I want to tell you about my trend-crazed fashionista neighbor who works in an office somewhere.

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Do More in Your Scrubs

When they do more for you, you'll do more in them.

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Alternative Uniforms

Need something other than scrubs?

We offer many scrub styles, however, we also offer company apparel; such as polo’s, fleece jackets, hats, T – Shirts etc you name it we can get it! Brands such as SanMar & Vantage allow us a large selection to help you with a variety of alternative uniforms.

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  • Ordering uniforms used to be such a chore. Trying to find uniforms that everyone liked, and actually fit them was a nightmare for a team of 20 ladies and an extra-long doctor. Lowcountry uniforms has been an answer to our prayers! Steve and Susan brought several different brands and styles of uniforms to our office for everyone to try on. Everyone picked their favorites in our office colors. Nothing had to be returned. With Lowcountry Uniforms being in Summerville and our offices in Mount Pleasant, we thought it might be a hassle, but with their top notch customer service and delivery it has been a breeze. I highly recommend Lowcountry Uniforms without a single bit of hesitation for all of your uniform needs!
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