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Fall is Here – Are Your Scrubs Winterized?

As we get nearer to winter, the temperatures are dipping and the days are getting shorter. Medical offices and hospitals

As we get nearer to winter, the temperatures are dipping and the days are getting shorter. Medical offices and hospitals are notorious for being drafty and cold, and even more so throughout the long winter months. Are you ready for the cold winter ahead? Better yet, are your scrubs? Don’t just Google “nursing uniform store near me” – these are the reasons to choose us!


Not everyone has the same shape, preferences, or style, which is why you want a uniform store that has it all. At Lowcountry Uniforms, we offer the biggest selection of scrubs, accessories, and shoes in the Charleston area, so no matter what your style is, we have the perfect match for you! We also carry cold weather wear like jackets to keep you warm indoors and outdoors!


With the holidays coming up, who wants to spend a whole lot of money now? Finding great deals as the cost of living continues to rise is becoming harder and harder, but not at Lowcountry Uniforms. We appreciate that your budget might become tighter, so we always strive to offer the most cost-competitive pricing in the industry. We don’t offer cheap uniforms; we offer uniforms at an affordable price!


Again, as the holidays get closer, your already-hectic schedule is about to be even more so. Why take the time going from one store to the next looking for what you want style- and cost-wise when we will come to you? Get the nurses in the office together and we will bring all of the latest fall fashions so you can shop on your break. Yes, we really make it that easy for you!

Online Store

Some nurses know what they want already and are comfortable ordering without trying their scrubs on. Our online store is the easiest and most convenient way to shop for what you want around your schedule. For night nurses or when you work double shifts, that is a welcome convenience!

Open on Saturdays

As a busy professional, shopping Monday through Friday might not be possible. At Lowcountry Uniforms, we cater to your schedule by staying open on Saturday so that you can take your time, look around, and shop for all that you need when it’s convenient for you. We also offer group discounts, so bring some friends along and get the best price possible.

As we head into fall, the weather is getting colder and our days shorter. With the cost of living being on the rise, any savings are welcome. At Lowcountry Uniforms, we strive to be the best in the Charleston area and beyond. Don't take a chance by Googling “nursing uniform store near me” and choosing at random. These are reasons to come shop with us today. Make sure your scrubs are winterized for the long season ahead by checking out all of our new fall products today!