When It Comes to Scrubs, Customization is Everything!

Although scrubs are designed to take a lot of abuse while also being comfortable, one size does not fit all.

Although scrubs are designed to take a lot of abuse while also being comfortable, one size does not fit all. Since you spend long hours on the job and have to wear scrubs on a daily basis, it is important to find a brand that suits not just your figure, but also your wallet. It is also essential to find a brand that has functional add-ons to make your work life easier. Don’t just Google “uniform shop near Summerville” to shop, try things on, and find which brand speaks to you – head to Lowcountry Uniforms for these reasons!

Body Type

Just like any other clothing, there are some cuts and fits that work and some that certainly will not. The key to finding the best scrub brand and fit is first identifying what body type you have. In general, people fit into these different body types: pear, apple, triangle, inverted triangle, and athletic. Why is knowing this important? Every scrub type is cut and sewn differently. Knowing where you need a little more “give” is critical to finding the best-fitted scrub for you.

Stick with What You Know

Trends in the industry come and go just like other fashions. If you aren’t a fan of the mom jeans or the skinny jeans and just want something that looks nice without the bells and whistles, then it’s a good idea to find the brand that suits you and buy several pairs of the same kind. Even in scrubs, once a trend is gone, so is the ability to get it!

Consider Your Position

If you are working in a pediatric office, you will want your scrubs to be a little lighter and brighter. For those who work in the cosmetic industry, fitted and personalized are going to be the go-to to succeed at your job. When choosing your scrubs, think about the clientele you serve and what will put them at ease, make them smile, or convey the confidence that you know they are looking for.

Brand Recognition Counts

Just like any other business, your practice is a brand that will grow with logo familiarity and recognition. Having your staff in upgraded scrubs with a custom logo not only presents well; when they’re out of the office, the scrubs they wear become your best marketing tool. Adding logos to your scrubs not only portrays your staff in a more organized and professional light; it gives everyone the uniformity that says “we care greatly about those we serve.”

Customize for Your Niche Market

Also like any other business, you want to make sure that you are talking to your audience. People will expect a different look in a staff that specializes in aesthetics or cosmetic surgery versus trauma units. For some industries, look does trump form and function. If you know who you are trying to attract, finding the right custom scrubs is easier than you would think.

Scrubs are meant to be fully functional, comfortable, and durable, but just like any other piece of clothing, one size does not fit all! The best way to know which brands suit you best is to look at a number of different styles and types and really try them on. At Lowcountry Uniform, you can come to us or we can come to you, but either way, we offer the largest selection of brands for you to choose from. Don’t just Google “uniform shop near Summerville” – shop online, schedule an in-office bag show, or come into our uniform shop to find what fits your needs best today!