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How to Turn Scrubs Into Everyday Wear

I’m sometimes asked whether nursing scrubs can be used as everyday wear, and the answer is ‘absolutely!’ Before I talk about how you can transition nursing scrubs

Do more in your Scrubs!

I’m sometimes asked whether nursing scrubs can be used as everyday wear, and the answer is ‘absolutely!’ Before I talk about how you can transition nursing scrubs into everyday wear, I want to tell you about my trend-crazed fashionista neighbor who works in an office somewhere.

People Love Scrubs

  • They’re comfortable.
  • They’re convenient.
  • They’re available in tons of styles, colors, and prints.
  • Scrubs make the best pajamas
  • High-Tech Fabrics
  • Stain Resistant
  • Quick Dry
  • Super Stretchy & flexible.

But can you really wear them out on the street as casual wear?

Every day, I see her return home from work. She parks her car and limps up the front steps in her immense high-heels. Before she closes the door with her foot, I can see she has already pulled off the heels and is trying to shimmy her way out of her way-too-uncomfortable (but quite smart) work clothes.
But we’re healthcare workers, and for many of us high-heels and form-fitting clothing isn’t our problem…we’ve got scrubs. And our little secret is that we already know nursing scrubs work well as functional everyday clothing. Many of us already wear them as we run errands on the way to or from work. Have you ever walked through a college dormitory and seen all of the students lounging around in scrubs? Trust me – there aren’t that many pre-med students in the entire world!

Occasionally, it’s great to look in the closet for a piece of clothing you really love that you never wear anymore. Pair it with a scrub top… and voila! Instant casual wear.

Use single pieces, a top or a bottom, not sets. With casual wear, we want to minimize the ‘work’ aspect of the scrubs. It’s fine to wear a nicely-fitted scrub top as a blouse, but don’t go out to dinner with friends dressed for the O.R.! If you’re aiming to fit some comfortable scrub pieces into your overall look, use them as highlights. (Think a wine-colored scrub top in a v-neck with front and back neckline binding, or a trendy print.) Custom embroidery can transform scrubs tops into something unique. Alternately, prints are becoming available to meet almost any fashion need: modern, retro, seasonal, artistic – you name it.

As far as using nursing scrubs as pants – look for styles that are fashionable. In 2011, the 1970’s flare leg pant has become all the rage. It’s available even in medical uniforms! In fact, the retro 1970’s rocker-infused style is going strong in all segments of fashion this year. If you want to keep your hand in the ‘being trendy’ game, get yourself some flare leg scrubs and pair them with a nice, lightweight top.
Scrubs definitely work for casual, everyday clothing, and more and more people are embracing them outside of the medical profession.

Do More in Your Scrubs!

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