Cherokee Medical Uniforms

Our Top Cherokee Scrubs from Your Favorite Uniform Store Near Charleston, SC

All of the brands that we offer at Lowcountry Uniforms are hand-selected for durability, style, and comfort, but we wanted to showcase one of our (and our customers’) favorites, Cherokee Scrubs.

All of the brands that we offer at Lowcountry Uniforms are hand-selected for durability, style, and comfort, but we wanted to showcase one of our (and our customer's) favorites, Cherokee Scrubs. Cherokee Apparel has been in the textile industry since 1972, manufacturing and designing medical-use apparel and accessories for medical professionals around the world. They are committed to providing comfort, quality, and fashion to keep up with the many style changes over the past 60 years. Their designs are meant to suit every style and shape, and they offer functionality to make the workplace run more smoothly.

Cherokee’s Innovative Fabrics, Prints, and Outstanding Quality

Since 1972, when Cherokee first hit the medical apparel industry, they have worked to keep up with new trends and innovative products, cornering everything from moisture-wicking to ease of care. Their mission is to continually upgrade and be at the pinnacle of both style and wearability. They also offer prints and whimsical designs to put patients at ease, and allow medical professionals to be “business-like” while also showing a little personality in the workplace. From floral patterns to Looney Tunes, there is a uniform that will bring a little bit of happiness and light back into clinical settings.

Cherokee Brand Footwear and Accessories

Not only does Cherokee design and manufacture Cherokee Scrubs; they also have comfortable shoes that are designed for long hours of being on your feet. Their footwear provides a relaxed fit and support to make it through the long days that medical workers typically endure. And they’re not just functional – Cherokee also keeps up with the latest shoe and scrub fashions, which is a rarity in the medical appeal industry.

The Greatest Selection of Both Men’s and Women’s Cherokee Scrubs

Men and women have very different needs and styles in the medical industry. We understand your desire to look professional but stylish. Our Cherokee lines come in both men's and women’s styles to suit every figure and fashion want. From jackets to basic scrubs, our fully-functional Cherokee line suits everyone perfectly from top to bottom. We offer all of Cherokee’s Brands including:

  • Cherokee Revolution
  • Cherokee Infiniti
  • Cherokee Form
  • Heart Soul
  • Allura
  • Professionals

Industry Leader in Providing Apparel, Scrubs, Footwear, and Accessories

At Lowcountry Uniforms, our mission is to provide the highest-quality and competitively-priced scrubs, footwear, and accessories in the industry. Our online ordering system makes it easy for you to shop for all your work apparel needs on your time. We understand that your life is hectic enough, which is why we try to make the uniform-buying process as simple as possible.

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