Medical Scrubs

Spring is Coming – Is Your Office Ready to Lighten the Mood?

As we roll into spring, many are feeling a sense of renewed hope that things might once again return to pre-pandemic normalcy.

As we roll into spring, many are feeling a sense of renewed hope that things might once again return to pre-pandemic normalcy. If there is one industry that will likely welcome a more relaxed work environment, it is the healthcare field. Many in the industry have had to pivot to address pandemic conditions and safety concerns, which means full masks, heavy clothing gear, and an impersonal feel. For certain patient audiences, like pediatrics, that has made the workplace a lot less light-hearted. Hopefully, our uniform store can provide just what your healthcare facility needs to brighten things up.

Brighter Colors

When it comes to selection, our uniform store has the biggest inventory of any in the area and beyond. We hand-select all of our uniform stock to be as comfortable, stylish, and trendy as possible. We understand that you want to be professional, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show some personality in what you wear! Our mission is to find the right fit for every man or woman so that they feel good walking into the office every day!

Targeted Scrubs That Flatter in Places You Want to Stand out and Hide the Ones You Don’t

Scrubs used to be a one-style-fits-all industry, but that has totally changed. We offer a selection of scrubs that are suited to fit you personally. Whether you want to hide some not-so-flattering areas or have it fitted in all the right places, our various lines are targeted to fit all shapes and sizes perfectly. And we allow you to try them on so that you get exactly what you are looking for!

Highly Popular Dansko Shoes and More

Shoes are a critical part of welcoming spring. We offer the largest selection of shoes in a variety of colors and styles. Our Dansko clogs are a huge hit, and perfect for the warm weather. They are not only comfortable; they are breathable and have anti-fatigue support that helps keep your feet happy when you’re standing for long hours in the office. We also offer online shopping to make it easy to get what you need around your busy schedule!

We Make It Convenient

We also recognize that many are feeling burnt out from the long hours and stressful conditions. The last thing that you want to do in your spare time is shop for office clothes. That is why we offer our fittings in on-site visits, where we come to you. Also, we offer outstanding perks to give back to the community that works so tirelessly for all of us by offering payroll deductions off your uniform purchase. It’s the least we can do! Finally, we provide free delivery to your office free of charge when you order in groups!

As we roll into spring, tensions around COVID have somewhat eased, and the hope is that medical offices everywhere will be allowed to return to a more relaxed atmosphere. We know how hard the past two years have been and hope that we can not only lighten your load – we want to brighten your workplace. Contact our uniform store today to discuss the potential of a fitting on-site and to see how your office can set up an account as a perk for your staff.